is having your radio fitted expensive

Having your car radio fitted depends on how expensive you want the radio itself to be. If you get a proffesional fitting the price can be expensive but if you want to hire a casual man and van harrow or a watford man and van they can probably do it for a bit cheaper. There is no limit to the amount of stereo you would like to purchase but you can at least get a quality radio fitted for as low as $25 which is still very much affordable for those who want a feel of quality.

One very important thing to understand is that the price rate for radio fitting varies from place to place and workshop to workshop and sometimes the type of stereo and labour in which the technician spent on such stereo determines the price on the long run. Generally, car audio installations is not expensive and this explains why it is very convenient for some people to change radio from time to time.

Also, it is very convenient to fix if you quite understand the trick behind the fitting. This you can easily do if you have a very conversant knowledge of wires or preferably, you could check online for guides. The fitting prices for radio vary between $25 to $150 but this depends on whether or not you use a popular demand product. Sony is an example of such product